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How Low Can You Go? Is there a way to kWhs left in battery?

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Got home at 2% (2.62 kWhs) which, yes Truck, is five city miles, but 1.5 hwy miles at 75 mph.

Is there way to show kWhs left in the battery?

Knowing the roads I am going to drive on, I think I can calculate the range better than the truck's computer, which averages your last few few minutes of driving.

Driving 90 miles home, I had plenty range - about 123 miles. <40 degrees, cruise set on 75, climate control on, I notice that with 13 miles to go, the truck warned of 12 miles left. Uh-oh.

I decided I will not give in range anxiety! Dropped speed to 55 and drove right by a supercharger. Then came a warning: "Nearest Charger is outside of your range. Plan to find a power outlet where you can charge."

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Seems a little late.

@Ford Motor Company Maybe make this warning to say "The last charger before your stuck on the side of road is..."
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Would be a huge improvement to show kWh or at least % charge rather than range. Or at least be able to choose which of the three.
...or, two out of three. :) Why not display kWh remaining and current or ~5 min or ~30 min efficiency in mi/kWh side-by-side? They could easily replace that big fat anxiety inducing Range Guess. My 2013 ICE Fusion had a nice screen that displayed similar efficiency/consumption information with selectable lookbacks.
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