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How can you tell which # off the line the truck is?

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I'm just curious how many have been made so far, and which number I am.

Had mine delivered last week.

Verdict: The hype is real. This truck rules.
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yes, there have been many PROs delivered to us customers, and my PRO is coming next week...
by Ford's corporate delivered numbers to wall street, I would say that about 6,000 or so LIGHTNINGS have made it out... probably not including the majority of the ones built in July
my Ford chat rep stated eta of [edit]8/10-8/16, and was currently at FlatRock ramp51 several days ago
Cool, thanks for the info! I just checked and it seems it's 8/17 for me.
I just edited my previous eta dates...sorry about that.(secretly I was wishing it had been!)

Aug 10 - Aug 16th
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yes, it's the luck of the draw no matter how many they do, or don't, build... but, it's not the only trim in the line of LIGHTNINGS - they aren't going to mass produce a small money maker when they can mass produce big money makers - like the Lariat. Those who want a cheaper version might not like it, but you can't blame a for-profit company doing what they do to remain strong in the business.
I get that folks are bummed, but the reality is that most dealers also don't have the 'basic' level trucks sitting on their lots, either. They have King Ranch flavors, and Platinums, and Lariats... very, very few others.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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