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I put my reservation in on June 13th.
I never heard anything from the dealership that I had selected. I basically selected the closest Ford dealership to my house ( Lance Cunningham Ford in Knoxville) and I started to see that as a mistake. I never received any kind of information after submitting my $100 reservation fee. The only thing I was able to see was that I indeed did have a reservation on the Ford website. What was bothering me was that I had read posts that people had received notifications from their dealership that the order window was going to open up in October, followed by additional notifications that the order window was now delayed until possibly November. My concern was that I was receiving NO notifications from anyone. I got the feeling that they ( Lance Cunningham Ford) had received my $100 reservation fee and were just going to sit back and let things happen as they happen with no effort to communicate with a potential customer. As everyone else here can understand , we are hungry for information (good or bad) and want to be kept in the loop.
We had purchased a Ford Fusion several years ago from a dealership that was about 50 miles away. We had a wonderful experience with buying that car, and I guess I just forgot that. I called the dealership we had used before (Jacky Jones Ford ) and expressed my concern with the lack of communication from Lance Cunningham Ford in Knoxville. Jacky Jones Ford Said they would be very happy to work with me on getting my Ford F-150 lightning. They were very willing to discuss any dealer fees that would be associated with the purchase as well as the fact that the Truck will be MSRP. They answered all my questions, whereas Lance Cunningham Ford would always respond with “we don't know yet”
It was very easy to switch my dealer ship from one to another . All it took was a call to Ford.

Hopefully this is progress.
I'm not sure if it was considered OK to list the dealerships I'm dealing with, but I feel that those (dealerships) that help us out need to be rewarded and those that are not interested in helping the customer should be recognized as well
Hey @Wolffman welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you switched to a dealership that you feel comfortable with. Especially one that can tell you that your Lightning won't have a markup. It's still unclear as to when order banks open. The new theory I've been seeing seems to be some time after the new EV bill gets passed.

Which Lightning spec are you looking to get?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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