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Home Charging Issues

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I took delivery of my Lightning on 6/23, (Lariat ER, max trailer) at the present the only charger I have is the mobile charger that came with the truck. I have a 14-50 outlet in my garage. I plugged it in and hooked it up to the truck. The first time I charged it, it charged to 100%. The second time I charged it, it charged up to 98% and then quit charging. I reset everything and tried again, several times. When I plug into the truck the blue light comes on for a short time and then goes out. The truck is set to charge to 100%.
The Ford Pass App shows "plugged in not charging".
This my first EV and for all I know this may be normal. Can anybody help me out? Educate me?

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The Fordpass will not be a pleasant experience. I've gotten use to it over the last year but one features to set up are the departure times/charge locations. There is a screen in the infotainment (easier to use that one) but you can also do it in the Fordpass app. In the Ford pass app it is Vehicle (at the bottom), Charging drop down menu, Charge Settings. Preferred locations should pop up with your mobile charger by now (it can take a couple of charge sessions).

These settings let you pick when to actually start charging and what % to charge to so you aren't trying to "catch" it in the app yourself. I know the Lightning has the setting (that isn't in the Mach E) to do an overall max charge. And it lets you set the time window in which it charges. At the moment, we charge our Mach E over night starting either at 9 pm or 10pm. One of the notes that I've read is that it isn't always good to immediately charge the battery when you are done driving it.

The departure time can be very useful to warm or cool the cabin before you actually go somewhere if you have a schedule like work or vacation; helps precondition.

Again, I recommend doing it in the infotainment (should be Truck icon, settings -> charging). The Ford pass app lags too much for me.

As a warning whenever you have to go into the dealer and they do a software update, this could reset things in your settings. Pain in the butt, one of the things that got wiped for me was the preferred locations and then I had to "catch" the charging to stop it at 80% until my location appeared again because you can't manually put that in. BUT you have the Lightning and not the Ford's first attempt - the Mach E. Which Ford could update the software in the infotainment for the Mach E to put in the one time max charge but @Ford Motor Company ......:unsure:
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