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Home Charging Issues

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I took delivery of my Lightning on 6/23, (Lariat ER, max trailer) at the present the only charger I have is the mobile charger that came with the truck. I have a 14-50 outlet in my garage. I plugged it in and hooked it up to the truck. The first time I charged it, it charged to 100%. The second time I charged it, it charged up to 98% and then quit charging. I reset everything and tried again, several times. When I plug into the truck the blue light comes on for a short time and then goes out. The truck is set to charge to 100%.
The Ford Pass App shows "plugged in not charging".
This my first EV and for all I know this may be normal. Can anybody help me out? Educate me?

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I just got off the phone with Ford and they confirmed the $500 gift card and extra 250 kWh will eventually show up. I was wrong assuming it would show up after I signed up for Blue Oval Network. No ETA on FCSP.
There is nothing intuitive about the Ford Pass app. I would hope they get a couple of 70 year old testers to straighten it out, not 20 year olds that were born with a computer in their hand, but then I’m an optimist 🧐
Don’t worry. You’ll learn your way around and the navigation of the app will become 2nd nature. Then they’ll change the app. 😂
I have a question regarding charging. My truck says it is charged 100% yet it only shows a range of 286 miles. It has done this the last two times I have charged it. I purchased the upgraded battery package and charging station to maximize my travel distance. HELP!!!
You need a locking charge port cap. Someone is siphoning your electrons.
Read up on this at:
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