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Home Charging Issues

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I took delivery of my Lightning on 6/23, (Lariat ER, max trailer) at the present the only charger I have is the mobile charger that came with the truck. I have a 14-50 outlet in my garage. I plugged it in and hooked it up to the truck. The first time I charged it, it charged to 100%. The second time I charged it, it charged up to 98% and then quit charging. I reset everything and tried again, several times. When I plug into the truck the blue light comes on for a short time and then goes out. The truck is set to charge to 100%.
The Ford Pass App shows "plugged in not charging".
This my first EV and for all I know this may be normal. Can anybody help me out? Educate me?

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Unless you need that much range, I would suggest that you drive a bit and get the state of charge down to something below 80%. Plug it in and set the desired charge at 80%. It looks like you are witnessing something similar to a rounding error in the battery management system. That last 20% of charge involves stuffing electrons into every last corner of the battery pack, so to speak. When you fully charge the battery, it kinda wants to be driven right away. The healthy battery education discussions will probably follow. I'd keep it between 20-80%, work the middle of the state of charge as much as practicable.

Is that a recall message notification in the upper left?
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