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Colorado Lightning Reservation here too. You beat me by 12hrs. I placed mine around 8am on 5/20.

Im going for XLT Premier package in Antimatter Blue or Carbonized Gray

I feel a little lucky, my neighbor across the street from me is an EV power train engineer for Ford. She has had the Lightning test truck at her house. I had the opportunity to check it out and really look it over. I couldn’t take photos or videos which I understood why. She’s been on several trips to Arizona and other Western States along with the mountains here in Colorado for towing testing.

I wished I could ask her more detail question that are nonpublic information but I refrain. We only talk about information that is available to the public. It’s still exciting to talk to her about it.

Also if something breaks I got someone right across the street to help me solve it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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