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Hello from SD!

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I put in my order on May 20, 2021 at about 10:45 AM. Doubt I'll get in this model year, but who knows.

I have a source who told me that the biggest dealership in our state is only expecting to get 5 orders on this current model year with over 120 reservations. The source said it is possible Ford is under promising dealers, but hard to say. This is a high volume dealer.

My source also confirmed the every 2 week order pattern. The source said this will continue through February, then stop for a bit. Ford then plan to see how many they have left, and push out a final round of invites in March. At that point, everyone still waiting will be asked if okay waiting for MY 2023. 2023 production is slated to begin around November.

Just want to pass that along; have not been through this entire site, so maybe someone has already confirmed this.
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Welcome to the forum @THEsocalledfan.
What state are you from and did they say what spec those Lightnings will be?
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