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Hello from Mass

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Hey folks,

Just joined this forum, I'm up to three of them now tracking and reading everyone's excitement and anxiety over this new truck and new method of making sales leads turn into orders.

I was invited in the wave-3, order input and submitted for a Lariat-ER+Max Tow in Iconic Silver, the order summary shows no price deviation from MSRP listed up front.

Been trading emails with the internet sales manager, and he's not said anything yet about a massive markup.

He did say that two other customers have also submitted orders and they have been accepted for production.

I'm waiting on a few clarifications, if they stay at no markup, then I told him to push the button to accept, otherwise I want to meet him and GM for a frank discussion about markup values.

The story shall continue........
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MOR-EV rejected my application because the MCO I submitted as part of the application process shows a GVWR of 7350lbs, below the min 8501. How are people getting approved?
I wanted to post a quick update regarding my mor-ev application. They initially rejected my application because the CDO I sent showed GVW as 7900. I then sent them a copy/picture of the door sticker, which shows the GVW as 8500 ( I think). Long story short, they accepted my application, and I received an email saying I should receive my $7500 rebate check within 90 days.

Has any of my fellow bay-staters received their $7500 check yet?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts