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Hello from Dallas

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Hello to all - good to find a place with others sharing the same interest.

A bit about my journey here - I'll try to keep it brief.

I've driven a pickup most of my adult live - GM mainly because I got the employee discount (I worked for an IT contractor) for years so it made buying a vehicle very easy - no haggling. 2015 it was past time to trade the 2003 GMC I was driving and wanted to move to Ford. I found a 2014 that had been on the lot for 14 months and got an incredible deal on it just before they wholesaled the remaining few. The dealer had stocked up in case Ford had problems getting the "new" aluminum bed produced. They wanted some stock, they kind of got left holding the bag on. I loved the truck - loaded Lariat.

About that time I was watching Tesla and knew I wanted the Model 3 which was announced, so I reserved on reveal night. So in 2018 when the Model 3 was produced we bought it and traded my partners car. As a couple of months passed I decided I was going to get rid of the truck and get a second Model 3. I love the car that much.

So November 2018 ready to pick up the second Model 3 - the F150 was in the shop for it's last warranty work and it was stolen off of the dealer lot. They left the keys on the tire overnight, even had security on the lot, but away it went. Insurance paid me off - they found it a few months later beat to hell.

3 years later I have put a reservation in on the Cybertruck and did the same for the Lightning on reveal night. I had done so at a small dealer in OK where I had a relative that worked. Being a small dealer I guess got my number to pop up in Wave 1. Received the email last Thursday, totally unprepared. I haven't been following the MachE at all which would given me some good insight.

So - since we will still have a Model 3 in the garage and I'm hopeful that Ford has done everything they can to make this the best pickup I decided over the weekend to make the leap. Going to sell a Model 3 and have a Lightning along side the other one. I moved the reservation to a dealer in TX that agreed they only sell at MSRP, no markups and they could still process my order in.

My biggest concerns are how efficient they've made the truck. How will have they made the AWD controls, traction. Will it be the same F150 I loved, with the EV parts that made me love Tesla just as much.

I guess time will tell - I look forward to interacting and sharing with all here.

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My Wife Drives a Model 3 and I too am a reservation holder for a Cybertruck and just placed my order for a Lightning from a Small town Texas Dealer! I am in the top 100 for Cybertruck as well. I am going to try the F150, as I am really hoping that Ford can knock it out of the park and increase EV adoption across the board. I think the Lightning may be the most important EV since the model 3 to help support adoption across the world!
Are you in the DFW area? Member of NTTOG?

My true biggest fear is getting in this truck and missing the car. For 3 years I think about the joy and fun it is every time I get in the car. I need this truck to do just half of that and not let me want to go back on a daily basis. I'm holding Ford to Tesla standards so I may be about to sink this boat before we ever get it floated, but hope not.

I just need the truck to hold most of it's value should I want out in the first 12 to 18 months.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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