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Hello from Balto MD, Engineer that works on BEV safety

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Hi All
My 150 Lariat is scheduled for a build next week and will hopefully deliver by the end of Sept. I work as an OSHA safety trainer and teach electrical safety classes, now teaching electrical safety to OEMs that build eclectic vehicles. I travel around the country teaching classes and many times drive vs. flying, so a bit concerned about range and charging. My current F150 has a 36 gal tank, so 700 miles to a fill-up is my norm.

I have not seen enough charging connections at hotels. Hopefully, this will improve next year. I plan on keeping my 2018 F150 along with the new truck, as winter is also a concern for range. If Tesla opens its charge stations next year, that should be a big help for long-distance trips.

Seen some great threads here and look forward to learning more.
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Your best bet is to use PlugShare on your destinations and look for a hotel that has a Level 2 charger onsite. Some booking sites have this as an option as well (they all should!).
I booked a Hilton property after filtering EV charging only to find their charger had been vandalized and the wiring stolen out of the cable. Lesson learned for me is to call to confirm it works or check plug share for reviews. Even if it was working they only had one so I could’ve been beaten out by another EV’er
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