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Hello from Balto MD, Engineer that works on BEV safety

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Hi All
My 150 Lariat is scheduled for a build next week and will hopefully deliver by the end of Sept. I work as an OSHA safety trainer and teach electrical safety classes, now teaching electrical safety to OEMs that build eclectic vehicles. I travel around the country teaching classes and many times drive vs. flying, so a bit concerned about range and charging. My current F150 has a 36 gal tank, so 700 miles to a fill-up is my norm.

I have not seen enough charging connections at hotels. Hopefully, this will improve next year. I plan on keeping my 2018 F150 along with the new truck, as winter is also a concern for range. If Tesla opens its charge stations next year, that should be a big help for long-distance trips.

Seen some great threads here and look forward to learning more.
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We had a discussion today about the 'Charging Infrastructure' which is what is basically limiting the public from buying an EV easily - until we can 'go anywhere at anytime' like we do now, things will not drastically change.

Those of us on the forefront of the EV adoption are willing to take the risk, and the aggravation, and the time to make it work for us, but the public is not that forgiving. They can' change their life to accommodate an EV, even though they actually may like the idea - it's just not logistically feasible for most.

What do we need? That's a good question, but with some experience, most of us current and former EV owners can attest to the need for RELIABLE, and EASY Fast Chargers, spaced within 50 MILES from each other, in ANY direction, and with SEVERAL at each location, with SPACE to park between each charger, and with at least one 'Pull Thru/Next to' charge port. ( oh, and add another - LENGTHY charge cables - we don't need to be restricted by a 4' reach cord )

I have towed my camper this week, and can tell you that only ONE charger I've seen has any ability to easily allow an EV towing a trailer to pull up effortlessly. I'm a confident drive, and have driven brand new 45' large motorhomes across the country from the factories to dealers, and have owned and driven my own motorhome for many years, but the 'parking' infrastructure for EVs will HAVE to change. When you see most with painted signage on the parking space saying 'Compact EV Parking ONLY', you know that we have not contemplated EV Trucks, and especially those towing anything.

I would like to see:
All Hotels have rows of Level 2 chargers.
All cities have at least one or two Fast Chargers
at several large format GAS STATIONS, on the outer limits of the parking lot. I have seen only a very few do this, and it works great. You really do NEED a convenience store when you charge. Unless your are towing your camper, you don't have a bathroom with you.
All interstates have a Fast Charger or two at every other Exit. Better yet, ROWS of chargers, and COVERED, and SPACED OUT, with 'pull beside' options.

We can look to Mr Musk for setting the bar very high. Until someone follows that lead, this is going to be a long hard road...no pun intended, but happily accepted : )
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right, but that's one of the issues - that's TESLA, not every other EV manufacturer - you can't just plug into a Tesla Supercharger with anything else, at least not yet.
The level 3 build out is not sustainable, mainly due to peak demand power charges. Private businesses are not going to adopt building the infrastructure when they literally could lose money if too many folks are drawing 150 kW or more.
I almost agree with your sentiment, but businesses do not build and install and have this infrastructure running thru their business, it is it's own hardware and wiring directly from the utility that is supplying the power. The utility is going to come and install the needed and required hardware outside of any needs of any business nearby, whether the business is 'hosting' the chargers, or not. Any draw on these units comes directly from the Utility company, who is responsible for carrying the load and generating, or purchasing, the power needs to operate it.

Yes, there can be some discussion about whether our 'grid' is ready to handle 'all this EV charging'...but there are still not NEAR enough EVs in existence, or even being built and sold, to put a dent into the massive amount of power we have in the U.S.. Sure, there are times when parts of the system are taxed, but the grid as a whole is not broken or weak. It could use some upgrades in some areas, for sure, but just like roads, they didn't just happen overnight. It took the government to step in to create the Interstate Highway System, which we all know enjoy, if not depend on. I think Fast Charging is similar.

Another discussion is the relatively lowering of the need to pump gas, which may take MORE power, per gallon, to get to it's destination, than electrical power. If you take a look at the very inefficient movement of gas, from it's inception as oil in the earth, it's no wonder we pay $4 a gallon for it.
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I've seen this at too many places - they think it's a good idea, but the maintenance never keeps up. It's like campgrounds with 'full' hookup advertisements. when you arrive, you find that the 'old' breakers are now weak with overuse, and the outlet has dirt-dobbers inside, and the 20amp GFCI won't stay on, etc. Not fun.
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