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Headlights remain on

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Has anyone else experienced this? Twice now my headlights have not “defaulted to automatic” and have remained on after I shut off the vehicle and exit. I’m not talking about the courtesy exterior lighting for a brief period, I’m talking about the actual headlights. I had a waitress come to me in a restaurant last week to tell me she thought I’d left the lights on in my truck. I never even touch the light control knob on the dash (unless I possibly brush against it wiping off the dashboard) and the owner’s manual seems clear that the headlights default to auto every time you start the truck, so I’m baffled.
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I just started getting this issue too. I leave my lights set to Auto but twice now they were changed to a manual setting.

The only thing I can think of that may have caused it was the other day I was work right next to my truck and the lights kept turning on and off because of the key detection. Maybe the truck thought I needed some light to work in the area.

The only other changes is that it has been raining a lot lately.
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