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Have you issues because you drive an electric truck?

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I travel for work and this is what I find at the hotel parking lot while working in Charlotte this week. This person decided to keep me from getting into the truck on driver side crazy part is they must have had to get out on passenger side. I ended up getting in on passenger side not so easy at 6’2 230 lbs. since when did driving an electric vehicle become such a political statement. Almost tempted to taking off the lightning badges 😀
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Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Car
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This also seems like it is because it is a truck, not an EV.

For years I've parked away from people because I don't want to deal with situations like this. I have a coupe and the door is bigger than normal and when I'm trying to get in and out I need to swing that open.
Most people suck and don't care about hitting your car. I was about to say "where are you" but i can see MD and then year, large area of dicks around here, especially ones with those types of trucks. I'm also assuming the RAM is from PA cause of no front plate and there are plenty of out of state plates everywhere and they irritate me all the time.
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