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Have you issues because you drive an electric truck?

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I travel for work and this is what I find at the hotel parking lot while working in Charlotte this week. This person decided to keep me from getting into the truck on driver side crazy part is they must have had to get out on passenger side. I ended up getting in on passenger side not so easy at 6’2 230 lbs. since when did driving an electric vehicle become such a political statement. Almost tempted to taking off the lightning badges 😀
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Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Car
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StanT, love ya man, and respect what you do, but damn... I have to weigh it with the others. If driver #1 parks poorly (on the line as in the picture) driver #2 should definitely not "move over" to accommodate for the poor parking of the 1st vehicle, as this just cascades the problem down the line. When I encounter this, I am the guy in the Dodge; I park in the center of my spot and let the driver of the mis-parked vehicle next to me suffer the consequences of his vehicle placement. I have even done this to friends, so please don't be offended lol.
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