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Have reservation but don't want to buy yet

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Hey everyone -

i have reservation that is going to expire on Monday. I'm not in a position to make a move on this right now. My local dealer (with whom my reservation is associated) has asked me to go ahead and make an order. They would pay me the $500 and he generously (LOL) offered to throw in a tank of gas when the truck arrived.

My read of this is that it's a terrible deal - i'm going to front $500 (in these inflationary times), order a $90k truck and get $500 back, while they resell the truck. Am I wrong here? Any recommendations?

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Agree with @Leaf to Lightning : ) - unless there is a bad financial situation I do not think I'd just walk away from it, and don't just let the dealer have it. Order and at arrival tell them you'll split the money over MSRP just to let them have it and sell it. If not - find a balloon note and sell it yourself. I don't think $30K over will sell easy, but you should make the $10K over vs the dealer who will mark it up at least that much.
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