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Have reservation but don't want to buy yet

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Hey everyone -

i have reservation that is going to expire on Monday. I'm not in a position to make a move on this right now. My local dealer (with whom my reservation is associated) has asked me to go ahead and make an order. They would pay me the $500 and he generously (LOL) offered to throw in a tank of gas when the truck arrived.

My read of this is that it's a terrible deal - i'm going to front $500 (in these inflationary times), order a $90k truck and get $500 back, while they resell the truck. Am I wrong here? Any recommendations?

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Do you mean to say that you have an invite to ORDER A 2023 model?

if that's the case, and because of the extreme constraints around these new EV Trucks, yes, you would be Financially SMART to order one, regardless of the $500 out-of-pocket that they will keep for a long time before you would ever even 'receive' the truck. You then 'sell' it to the dealer, and they will LOVE YOU for it! They are then going to sell it for big bucks, and people will PAY those big bucks.

Basically, your dealer knows that if you let your order invite expire, THEY will lose not only your sale, but the TRUCK that they so desperately WANT!

I would suggest you: Tell your dealer that if they want the truck when it arrives, yes, you will proceed with your order, but that they must give you something in WRITING that they will buy the truck from you, for the profit amount YOU wish, and that they will immediately reimburse you the $600 in Reservation and Order deposits when you press the Button.
If you have this in writing, when the truck arrives in future months, You will have nothing out-of-pocket, and they will owe YOU money for the truck.

If they balk, then just let it ride.
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