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Hey everyone - long time listener, first time caller. I'm 2 weeks away from being the owner of the Lightning I've been able to drive since Thanksgiving. I like it more every day, but ready for it to be officially mine so I can fix this hot pile of garbage B&O stereo :)

I previously had a 2017 Model X, but traded it for a Ram 1500 in 2019 due to moving out in the country and also was doing a massive renovation project. Happy to be back in a BEV, this time on a truck frame. I'm impressed with what Ford has done with this truck. In fact I was actually blown away that they did such a good job with it. I have some similar critiques of the software as some of the others on the forum, but those things will suss out over time I'm sure. I just hope Ford keeps up with it, as historically the big 3 didnt keep updating software after the year model is done. Hoping that paradigm will shift with the demand from us.

Anyway - glad to be here. Lots of great info and people on this forum.


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