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Great News! / "Bad" News ;-)

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Great News: My dealer emailed today and my Lightning is in production! 😄

The "Bad" News: the Blend date is July 14 - so probably won't be here in BC until mid August 😣
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I'm hearing that transport is severely backed up. All the early build trucks got parked and stacked waiting on the OK to buy or chips or what have you, then when the OK to buy came through, they had a backlog of parked trucks and it's a lot easier to load them fresh off the line than pick through a sea of parked units. I've seen other Platinum trim trucks with much later build dates and serial numbers than mine already delivered, so there has to be something holding the early builds up.
Agreed. 5/18 blend and 6/4 built and still not shipped.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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