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"GPS Signal Lost" Announced at Times Upon Startup - has anyone heard that Infotainment female voice blare loudly? Dealer service had no clue & wants a 4-hour service call to fix it! Android Auto or Galaxy phone or '23 Ford Lightning navigation error? Navigation seems to work fine for Auto/Maps/navigation.

I tried this fix - found online - on my Galaxy android phone (yes a reset on the phone/not vehicle settings) & it worked for awhile but now it is back at times:

"Google Maps needs "location" permission ALL the time. Here's how you set that...

Settings -> Apps -> See all apps -> Maps -> Permissions -> Location -> Allow all the time.

I made that change a couple of days ago, and the issue has not happened since."
11.45.0603 is the Maps version in Apps on my Galaxy android device.
3/17/23 & still trying to fix it - happens on some days - just been local driving only. Love the performance on everything else & the styling. Sky Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car
1 - 2 of 2 Posts