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Got email "Your vehicle order has been updated." - nothing changed?

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I just got email stating the above, but I can see any
change in online system.

Ordered my pro on 8/11.

Has anyone else who ordered in wave 1 August gotten same email?

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Just had this happen to me yesterday on my Pro standard range order. Reserved 5/19/21 and ordered 8/11/22. Got an email saying my order was updated, but I can’t see any changes. @Sp2000 , any updates on your end? I don’t dare get my hopes up since the system said Autumn 2023 delivery when I put my order in…
This exact thing happened to me also, I HAD to find out what changed so I called Ford. They looked at the change log and said my priority had changed and to expect getting scheduled for production soon. They told me the dealer could tell me more, I went to them the next day and they said my priority had changed to 1. I was scheduled for production like 2 weeks later.
Welp. Now my hopes are up!! :p
Welp. Now my hopes are up!! :p
By way of an update - received the e-mail today, build date Jan 9, 2023!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts