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"Getting to know the F-150 Lightning" Live Stream

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If you have questions, go to the link and submit them.

I've submitted several so far about the MY22 infotainment not getting the Android Auto software stack that the MY23 will be getting - advantage to your group. @Ford Motor Company

Suggested questions I submitted already and plan to bring up:
  • Will the MY22 Infotainment system be upgradable at all to be able to use the Android Auto stack the MY23 is getting?
  • Will the MY22 Infotainment system continue to be supported if the switch to a new system is in the next MY?
  • Are there any EPA figures for different sized loads?
  • Will the MY22 have the ability to play any kind of video media? Will the MY23?
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For the preconditioning question when navigating to a DCFC, was "no" too difficult to say? Good grief.
Yea I caught that one and the second I saw them mention the Departure option, I scoffed and went back to looking at whatever I saw doing. Cause they definitely didn't even understand what was being asked.
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heh, I asked about battery pre-conditioning and Max Tow for the umpteenth time.

The one that got me laughing was when Errol went into detail (paraphrasing greatly here) about your calling "home" at 5:30 every day when you're leaving work and the truck will learn your habits and make intelligent suggestions, like a "Call Home" tile pop-up on the display.

I thought, "uh, that may not be such a great idea for everybody" :whistle::unsure:

By the time I could get back to check out the running dialogue with the moderator, this was already there:
FordUser: Can you turn off or disable the Sync 4/4a recommendations somehow?
⮑Moderator: Intelligent suggestions can be turned off through the touchscreen.
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