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Getting an EV? Consider a 14-50 outlet.

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As a general rule, an electrician will charge you 2 to 3 times more to instal an EVSE than they will to install a 14-40 outlet.

The ubiquitous 14-50 is old tech, it is super common for RVs and pricing for such an outlet has been set for years.

EVSEs are new fangled. The market allows for more margin, so many, if not most electricians will use that excuse to charge you a lot more.

So, if 10kw (40a) is enough for your needs, buy your EVSE with the 14-50 plug and save yourself some money. A further benefit is portability and expandability in the future using splitter switches.
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Consider this when installing a 14-50 receptacle. Invest in quality. There have never been continuous high current electrical loads in residences comparable to EVSEs.
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This is an excellent point, and it carries over to your EVSE. There are times that you may plug your vehicle into a 14-50 outlet that you do not own and did not install, such as at a campground or hotel. You have little control over the quality of these outlets, which is why the best EVSEs have temp sensors in the plug head that reduces the pull from the grid if it gets too hot.
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Outlet quality matters, EVSE quality matters. Does your EVSE monitor temps?
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