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Per Ford I'm not going to upload their documents, but apparently in the time it took me to run through a drive-thru for lunch Ford released the timeline for the Lightning orders...

TOMORROW (1/4) Build and Price on Ford.com will go LIVE! Your dealer will also have access to the Order Guide and Price Lists for the Lightning.

Fleet customer orders begin 1/5 (this is a separate allocation from Retail)
Retail customer orders begin 1/6 (This is when Wave 1 will be sent out)
Subsequent waves are approximately 2 weeks from each other, so no hard dates there
3/31 is the ordering deadline, meaning you have to convert your reservation prior to this date in order to lock in your order.
2023 Model Year ordering will begin in the Summer of 2022 in the same "invitation" format.

The pricing that's been floating around from the Dealer Playbook is not what was communicated today. The Pro model is still holding at 39k, no point getting into this now as tomorrow we can see pricing for everything.
Extended Range battery confirmed for XLT and above, and then only available with the higher package for that trim. I'm betting the battery is in addition to the package cost, so be prepared for that. On the higher package for the Lariat trim it is standard.

It's like Christmas Eve all over again!
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