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Generator Inlet and Interlock Kit for Pro Onboard 9.6kw

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So, I’m trying to get a grasp on the Home Back Up Integration and just felt it’s being over complicated.

I have a Generator Interlock kit with a 50amp breaker hooked up with to a NEMA SS2-50P inlet box outside my garage. I use that to plug my 12,000 watt portable generator to run everything in my home including HVAC during a power outage. Note: AC condenser has a cold start kit to reduce starting amps.

In theory, couldn’t I just hook the Ford Lightning’s 240v bed port into my generator inlet using my existing generator cable to get 9.6kw of backup power? It’s on a 50amp breaker so it would max at 12kw, but I can get a smaller 40amp breaker instead to avoid damaging the truck and I wouldn’t run my HVAC on it since it’s starting amps are 45amps or 10.8kw.

Im just trying to avoid having to pay for the Home Integration Kit and the Pro charger since I ordered an XLT with SR battery.

Any thoughts on why this wouldn’t work?

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I don’t see why it wouldn’t, except you won’t get the full 9.6KW. You will only get 7.2KW at the 30A/240V connector. I think one question though is if the neutral is going to give you heartache. I’ve heard rumors that the gfi protection on the truck outlet can be problematic in some cases. Some of the powerboost guys have complained about it. What you’re looking at doing is exactly what I want to do. Just run the essentials.
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