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Generator for Lightning

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I've been wanting to buy a generator for years. We camp a few times a year and when I'm at the race track a good generator would be helpful. Now that I am picking up my Ford Lightning in a few weeks, I thought it would be a great time to pick one up that I can use for camping/racing and to charge my truck when California turns off the lights. :rolleyes:

What do people have or use out there? Any suggestions? Lookouts?

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All replies to this post accurately indicate that using a genset to charge the vehicle may not be the most efficient way to produce and use power while camping. Here is the math.
The popular Honda 2000i can power a mobile EVSE at the 110v rate, but just barely. It will take everything the little Honda can give, and would have to run continuously for 65 hours (two and a half days) to fill half of a Lightning ER's tank. Of course during that time you cannot use any of that power for anything else, so that defeats the purpose.

If you wanted to charge your Lightning using the 220 cord, it would take a 10kw genset to support that. This is a big, often noisy machine that uses a substantial amount of fuel and it would still take 8 hours to replace half of what the Lightning can hold.

These figures help demonstrate why using a portable genset to charge an EV is usually the last resort. It is much simpler, cheaper and easier to just run into town for a DCFC fill-up when needed, and use the Lighting as the "genset". Where possible of course.

Hope that helps with your camp design process.
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I saw this video a few months ago where this person used a battery generator to charge his Tesla. It worked in the video but not sure how practical it would be in the real world.
LOL. Those units pack less then a mile's worth of power. Considering how difficult it is to run a Tesla that low (they protest wildy) to begin with, it is pretty much a youtube stunt rather than a real world thing.
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