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Generator for Lightning

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I've been wanting to buy a generator for years. We camp a few times a year and when I'm at the race track a good generator would be helpful. Now that I am picking up my Ford Lightning in a few weeks, I thought it would be a great time to pick one up that I can use for camping/racing and to charge my truck when California turns off the lights. :rolleyes:

What do people have or use out there? Any suggestions? Lookouts?

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I use my Lightning AS MY GENERATOR - why would I need to buy another? I camp and don't need a campground - the Lightning is already my 'campground power'... it's all good.

I have the 9.6kw ProPower output, with 240v 30amp at the bed and many 20amp outlets all around. I've found that camping using VERY LITTLE of the massive power the Lightning has.

Trying to use an 'generator' to charge the truck is an exercise in futility - it would take DAYS for your generator to give you even a few miles of range. Most any larger 240v generators would be so big and heavy, it makes little sense to 'carry' them around. Even then, they would take so much fuel to give you so few miles - well, you get the picture.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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