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Generator for Lightning

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I've been wanting to buy a generator for years. We camp a few times a year and when I'm at the race track a good generator would be helpful. Now that I am picking up my Ford Lightning in a few weeks, I thought it would be a great time to pick one up that I can use for camping/racing and to charge my truck when California turns off the lights. :rolleyes:

What do people have or use out there? Any suggestions? Lookouts?

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I have actually considered this also, I'm in Montana where chargers can be a bit difficult to find. Costco has a "Firman" tri-fuel 9500W generator that occasionally goes on sale/rebate for around $750. It weighs around 200 lbs and has an 8 gallon tank, and more importantly has a 14-50 receptacle. I think it said it would run for 8-9 hours at 50% load, so would be less than that if charging at 40 Amps. I haven't pulled the trigger on this yet, but I think something along those lines would make sense for those of us that might be a few hundred miles between usable charging stations. (I'd rather do this at a campsite than park and wait at a level 2 station all day).
That would be some expensive electricity. 40a at 230v would be maxing out that generator....4.25 hrs of run time using 8 gallons of gas, adding 39 kWh to your batteries. At $4.50 a gallon, that would be about $.93 per kWh.
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