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Anyone know if you can use a generator to charge the lightning?
I would think so. I have a small 4k watt running on propane.
Most likely. People have used generators to charge EVs for years. However, YMMV. Remember that to charge it using the included Ford Mobile Charger, your generator will need to provide 60A 240V power and have a NEMA 14-50 outlet (or adapters) to charge at L2. L1 requires 15A 120V and a standard outlet. Some generators have trouble running certain equipment because they don't provide enough initial peak power.

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What he said☝.

I used a big generator to charge my Mach E last fall
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and last week I added 1.4 miles of range to my Lightning using a small battery powered EGO generator with 4 x 7.5ah batteries.

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No problems.
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