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Frunk problem

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I have a 2023 Lariat ER. Purchased late Dec 2022 and have 2k miles on it. Tonight when I tried to open the frunk, I received an error message--frunk system fault service required. I was able to use the manual release to open the frunk and unload the contents. And I was able to close it manually and latch. But I keep getting the 6 beep error message when I try to use the button (on dash, on frunk, or on key fob). My battery was especially low (16%) so I'm wondering if that might be a factor. I tried restarting the screen (volume down and skip right) but that didn't help. Anyone have any ideas? If this doesn't resolve, I'll need to take to the dealer. Very frustrating on a brand new vehicle. I feel like there are several minor annoyances on the Lightning--Ford Pass periodically doesn't work for multiple days, every so often the truck doesn't recognize my profile, the PAAK worked for a few days and then stopped working. I've just ignored many of these because the truck is overall just great and I figured new tech has issues. But this frunk situation is frustrating.
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Some ideas...

1. Find the frunk fuse. I'm not sure which one it would be. If it's not blown, maybe resetting it will help.

2. When FordPass doesn't work it's probably the modem. I've had luck pulling and replacing the fuse in the #9 slot in the passenger footwell. It's a 5amp mini fuse. Notably it's not labeled #9 in the fuse diagram you'll find published. Others have had luck pulling other fuses. Most just pull the negative terminal on the 12 volt battery.

3. PaaK is a different module but maybe affected by the modem? I'm totally speculating on this one.

4. When your profile doesn't load it's probably normal behavior. The profile loads when you unlock the door with the associated fob, PaaK, or when you press the seat preset. It will go into guest mode if you unlock the door with the keypad. The simplest way to get your profile back is to press the seat preset. It's explained in the owner's manual, I probably missed something.

Let us know if you figure out the frunk.
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