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I'll agree that any of the screens provide the battery percentage, at least in a 'graph' if not a spelled-out percentage, itself... but most folks are complaining that it should just be a piece of information that is spelled out on every screen, in plain numbers... not a 'graph', not a 'tiny tiny battery picture'...etc. Easy. I wish.

Another slight annoyance: when you use navigation, it provides the 'miles to destination' right below the 'miles to empty' ... which can actually make for confusion. Move the destination miles to a different area, if not simply add it to the Navigation screen, itself. No sense in complicating the driver screen.
My last use of the navigation was a close call for the miles/destination computations, as the navigation asked if I wanted to add 'charging options' along the way. I chose no, since I knew I could make it, already. Along the way, the 'destination' number became HIGHER than the 'miles' number...yet the system never highlighted that fact, alerted me, or asked, again, if I'd like to divert to a charger option. I found that a little confusing, also, as to 'which' number on the driver screen was my 'miles left', versus 'miles to destination', since there's little differentiation between the two.
Answer: show the 'miles to destination in bold RED, if the 'miles left' are not enough. Simple update.

I was stopping at an unmapped Brand NEW Chargepoint charger along the way, so all was good, but this revealed not only the miles/destination number confusion, but also how 'often' the Ford's software UPDATES charger locations. It was clearly on CHARGEPOINT's own app, and on google maps, but NOT on Ford's system, so the Navigation could not use it as a 'charging option stop', regardless.
I like the Red text idea. You’ll get used to that paper of numbers and find it to be really handy. After running the Lightning after tracking yesterday I wondered if I needed to top up to get home. Those side-by-side numbers read 220 miles of range 113 miles to home. Piece of cake. That was what I needed to know in one quick glance.
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