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From my dealer, ordering process.

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"Hi Jeremy,
Ford has not given us that date as yet. When I get the date from them and the ordering portal is up, that is when I will start to bring customers in. Keep in mind the reservation time stamp is the first date Ford uses to put units in sequence, the order commitment if done with in the specified time frame will follow the reservation time stamp. If the commitment is not given in the allotted time, then the reservation time stamp will not be in sequence. Options( we call them commodities) that customers desire may not be all available when the order can be placed. This will dictate production time slots. When we go over your order, I will have an indication to the availability of options and will give you the opportunity to not take an option that will knowingly delay the production. Many, many moving parts. It is not as simple as inputting a firm order."

Idk if this is common knowledge but, anyways. Guess I shouldn't have been gunshy on reservation. I'm probably around 70-90k. Guess I don't need to take the day off work, lol.
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