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Francis Energy - Oklahoma Charging options

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I live in Dallas, but my most consistent driving outside of the metroplex is to Oklahoma where my family is. I looked up the EA charging options and they are all but non-existent. One is on I-35 in Ardmore which is on my way up that path, but if I take the other path up 75 there are none on my way to my destination and none near my destination (Shawnee). I do have a 240 plug at my destination, so I'm OK once I'm there.

I recall reading about Francis Energy a year or two ago. They are a relatively new company and they have covered the state with their chargers. Their goal is charging station about every 50 miles - regardless of your direction, not just interstates. I'll say their site and search options leave quite a bit to be desired, but I have communicated with them, they are working on that.

The biggest problem I've found is most of their chargers for the CCS and Chademo plugs are only 50kW. In talking to them they say their stations are upgradeable and they are working a plan to update those near the interstates to be 200 kW per plug and it sounds like they could have a plan to replace the Chademo plugs with a CCS plug as the Chademo plugs are phased out over time. CCS is definitely becoming the prominent plug and standard and hope is that Tesla will get their CCS adapter on the market soon. Then Frances will have a very usable and viable product.

Just sharing if there are others in Oklahoma or pass through. Without additional options like this there are some serious dead zones across the US for true DCFC.
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