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FordPass App no longer connecting

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A week ago the FordPass app on my Android and also on my partner's iPhone stopped accessing the truck. I called FordPass and they (she) said it was a system issue that should be fixed "by the end of the month." That is, it affects EVERYBODY. Am I right to be skeptical? I haven't seen anyone else post about the problem.

By the way, I've followed all the Ford advice to fix the issue, but since the problem affects my partner's iPhone too, I believe it is a system problem. But if so, why aren't there many complaining?
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Ive had a 2023 bronco for 2 months now and the app has only worked a couple days on and off. It’s been weeks since it’s been able to connect and I’ve tried EVERYTHING! This is a wack ass app!!! The only thing worse than the app is the bronco key fob…. Who the f designed this stuff?!?!?
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