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FordPass App no longer connecting

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A week ago the FordPass app on my Android and also on my partner's iPhone stopped accessing the truck. I called FordPass and they (she) said it was a system issue that should be fixed "by the end of the month." That is, it affects EVERYBODY. Am I right to be skeptical? I haven't seen anyone else post about the problem.

By the way, I've followed all the Ford advice to fix the issue, but since the problem affects my partner's iPhone too, I believe it is a system problem. But if so, why aren't there many complaining?
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This workaround (negative terminal unplugging) works. This happened to me just 4 days after my brand new truck! Took it to the service manager and he also agreed this is a correct way to resolve it. Unplugged the negative on the 12v LVB, counted 30, plugged it back in. Started the truck and let it be on for a few minutes. Restarted the app and then.... Voila! It started working.
Well, I installed Charge Station Pro full 80a. Connected the truck and it charges to 100% very fast. All went well….but…
Yep, the app now won’t sync with the truck. So my guess about high power recharge and app sync seems to click thrice with my truck.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts