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FordPass App no longer connecting

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A week ago the FordPass app on my Android and also on my partner's iPhone stopped accessing the truck. I called FordPass and they (she) said it was a system issue that should be fixed "by the end of the month." That is, it affects EVERYBODY. Am I right to be skeptical? I haven't seen anyone else post about the problem.

By the way, I've followed all the Ford advice to fix the issue, but since the problem affects my partner's iPhone too, I believe it is a system problem. But if so, why aren't there many complaining?
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Folks, note there is a technical service bulletin (TSB) on this and you need to call ford pass and make sure your bin is affected. If so, you need to take it in.

I had called @Ford Motor Company in Jan, they said it was known and hope to have a fix by the end of Feb. No contact from anyone after that or from my dealer. So, I called @Ford Motor Company again yesterday, and they tell me about the TSB, and helped get me scheduled fix with my dealer. I'm annoyed that I had to call them when I'd already called about this before after dropping 90k on a truck.....
My recent experience is that the TSB23-2050 update does not fix the problem. I also was not notified about it and had to find out when I called the helpline for a second time. When I called my dealer, they didn’t know about the update. After the update, nothing really changed, still having problems.
I thought I would try removing my vehicle from the FordPass app and reinstalling it, now I can’t even reinstall the truck because my lariat shows nothing under the connectivity tab in settings. See my post above.
The good news is, we can all temporarily "fix" it via the negative battery cable or fuse pull; problem is it will happen again.....but at least it is functional. I have 10 mm wrench I keep in my truck for this reason.
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