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Ford sent me an email with a picture of my completed Lightning coming off the assembly line!

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I was sent the same email and a pic of my truck rolling off the line. I did read earlier that they would have pictures of the progress. Shortly after receiving that email, my dealer informed me the truck was just delivered. I'll be picking it up in Monday. My blend date was 5-18, so not too bad.
This is a neat idea, much like the update emails that sadly seem to not fall in the right timeline. My friend has been driving his Lightning since Tuesday last week and just got the same photo of his truck today also. We experienced the same with the Broncos also. I hope this improves for future customers to properly keep the excitement on the process but as early adopters It comes with the territory. Much like no FCSP at delivery. That one stings but those of us that “can complain” on details like this should really feel lucky to be getting one so early
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