Ford vehicles should soon get Pet Mode, a Tesla Dog Mode-like system. A patent for it was published yesterday after being originally filed back in 2018. It won't just be similar to Tesla's system but an improvement, judging from what the patents reveal.

System and method for creating a pet-friendly automotive environment

A key fob includes selectors for performing conventional remote operations (e.g., locking/unlocking doors) as well as a "pet mode" selector. When the pet mode selector is pressed by a user, a coded wireless signal is sent to a vehicle computer. The vehicle computer is operatively connected to multiple vehicle systems that each controls various features of the vehicle. Responsive to receipt of the coded wireless signal, the vehicle computer instructs a selected group of the systems to operate in a specified manner so as to create a comfortable environment for a pet within the vehicle. For example, in pet mode, the vehicle computer may cause one or more windows to lower, the sunroof to open the trunk lift gate to pivot open, and the seat backs of one or more rows of seats to tilt or fold down.

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