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Ford Pass Dropped Connection to my 2023 Lightning F-150 Lariat

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Hi all.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks with my new Lariat. It lost connectivity with Ford Pass and can’t reconnect. In talking with 4 different departments, here’s what I‘ve learned.

The last week of February the Ford Pass agent recommended I go to the dealer for a particular software patch. Which I did. It doesn’t work. And it caused more issues. The whole user interface of the truck changed (which I didn’t appreciate not being told about) and now I’m having issues with Apple Car Play and the audio system has died, mid stream, twice. AND, the patch didn’t work and they admitted as much to me. I would recommend against using it given all the issues the patch seems to have created.

I spoke with a rep last night who said they came off the line end of 2022 with the glitch. They’ve tried a couple of over the air patches, but they failed. Then they did this dealer installed patch and realized a couple of days in, that it wasn’t working either. The rep told me there’s nothing to do. The dealerships won’t have a fix. And they don’t expect The next software fix until June 2023.
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I sincerely appreciate that, but that's exactly the bulletin that the dealer used for me on Monday (2/27). Ford Pass rep called the dealer for me and told them to use it (and it's noted on my invoice that that is what they did), but no joy. So everything I put in the original post is still where I'm stuck and per Ford will be stuck for some time. I'll share this with the service crew and see if they pulled the fuse or not. I don't think they've delivered a lot of lightnings so we're all on our own learning curves. Thanks much all.
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Hello! I know you are new here, so welcome! We have numerous threads on this. 2 ways to fix temporarily (it will happen again):

1. Pull negative cable from 12v battery for a minute and reconnect. takes a 10 mm wrench (what I've been doing; keep it in the truck)
2. Pull the gateway module fuse. Someone else will know the number and in numerous threads.
Thanks for the help. Can't speak to whether or not they pulled the fuse, but they did follow that bulletin. And that's the bulletin the rep at Ford told me last night wouldn't be fixed until June. They've opened a ticket with Engineering for me and told me to give them 7-10 days and then see.
Hi, Scotty1890. I ”fixed” my issue today. When I purchased the truck, we added it to my husband’s existing ford pass account. I was concerned about the fuse pull (and I think you’re supposed to do that AND removed the (-) cable on the battery for a full minute from what I’ve been told in other threads).

The fix that worked for me (first time I’ve been connected in about 11 days) was to delete the vehicle from his account, create my own FP account and add the truck there. When it asked to connected, I chose the ‘delete prior data’ option on the FP screen and it worked! I’m back in business. Blue Cruise restored, and all the other goodies.

I assume I’ll have to set-up the phone as key options again, but it’s worth it given the alternative. Good luck!
Time will tell if it worked. So how would one who already has an account get another account
1. Remove your vehicle from your existing FP account, copy your VIN first, makes the next bits easier.
2. Sign out of your existing FP account.
3. In FP create a new account with a different email.
4. Add your vehicle to that account. I picked to delete my data (I didn’t need my trip info, etc.).

That’s all I did and I’m back in business. Blue Cruised reinstated on my truck. I think I’ll have to redo making my phone a key, but at least I’m reconnected. Good luck! Let us know if it worked (so we know it’s repeatable).

Now, if you have a ton of points on your ford pass, I don’t know what that will do. You may have to call FP and have them transfer them.
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