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Ford Pass app control of FCSP issues

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I have the FSCP installed. As soon as it connected to the internet I received an
e-mail from Ford congratulating me and telling me I could now control who could use my FCSP through the Ford Pass app.
The app connects to the FCSP (most of the time) but when I go to Station Sharing it says I have to turn on Access Control in settings. I can find no place in the app where I can turn on Access Control. I’ve spent way too much time on the phone with Ford and they have no answers. The previous version of the app has a toggle to turn it on or off but not the intelligent backup power version. I mounted the charger outside thinking I could control who had access to it, as it stands now anybody can use the FSCP.
Anybody else run into this?
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I'm in exactly this situation today. Looks like maybe they removed the feature but didn't tell any of their customer service people. Hey @Ford Motor Company - what can you tell us?
After several hours of calls and live chats, I have achieved something called an "escalation," which apparently means somebody from "IT" will look into what's going on and I'll get a call back in 3-5 days.

For what it's worth, the email says explicitly:
Access Control: Control who can access your charge station with a tap right from the FordPass App
Share Station: Easily share your charge station with trusted friends and family
But the setting is just NOT THERE in the app.
None. It works fine, it just means that anyone can charge by plugging in. Since it's bolted right on to the front of my house, I was hoping to be able to use at least some kind of security feature.
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