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Ford Options interest rate non-negotiable and extremely high?

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Hi all - new to the forum and have found it valuable so here's some candy (Lariat Lighting at Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville Alabama is selling for $76K MSRP with no ADM Search All Inventory ask for Alex Carr, he's the man).

Back to the question, I was considering purchasing the above vehicle to skip the wait on my reservation (ultimately I decided to hold out for my preferred XLT configuration) so had the finance guy run the numbers. He said the Ford Options interest rate was 8.7% and non-negotiable. Any one else have this experience or gotten a better rate than 8.7% recently? He admittedly had done a Ford Options purchase before so I am skeptical.
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My dealer did my financing thru a credit union. Quick and easy. 5.25%
did you use Ford Options financing? https://www.ford.com/finance/finance-options/ford-options/ Since it is a lease-like retail arrangement I understood financing had to go thru Ford
No, just regular financing.
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