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Ford no longer allows dealership change!

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Apparently Ford is no longer allowing you to change dealers once you’ve received the invitation to build. Their web site still shows the change dealership phone number as 1-800-334-4375. But that’s a generic number. The direct number to change dealers is 1-800-392-3673.

According to the rep I spoke with, if you haven’t received the build notice you can change dealers. It once you get the notice, even if you haven’t ordered the build, the computer at Ford locks out dealer changes.

I didn’t complete the build or encumber myself in anyway prior to this mornings call to Ford.

So the customer will be held hostage for whatever ADM the dealer wants to charge. I’ll filed a complaint with Ford, and recommend everyone else do the same. I believe this is the straw that broke the camels back and you won’t see another new Ford in my driveway.
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I just read in the local news paper that the dealership I placed the order with on the 7th of September, will close on the 15th of October. Going to call Ford on Monday to try and get transferred to a different dealer with no ADM.
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From the newspaper article:
For more than six decades, a Ford dealership has greeted passersby along Main Street in Ventura CA, across from the Pacific View Mall. The business will close shop permanently on Oct. 15. It's not clear why the Ventura business is shutting down for good.
Jim Rodey, Ford of Ventura controller, declined to say why the dealership was closing or if it was related to a lack of customers or supply issues. He said the business has stopped accepting new customers. Current Ford of Ventura customers can go to other nearby Ford dealerships such as Oxnard, Simi Valley or Santa Barbara, he said.
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I called F today and they will allow dealer change of/ when the existing dealer quits, like in my case. I called 3 nearby dealers and asked for 2 things: no adm and allocation availability. All 3 promised to call me back, hasn't happened today. I called them around 10 am.
Oh well...
Have you checked the “naughty and nice list” on this forum? Very helpful list to choose dealers
I contacted 3 other dealers, nobody called me back. I went to nearest "larger" dealer.
Was just bought out and will continue under new name.
No ADM and they explained to me if you have an order number, it has no longer to do with allocation of the dealers quota. I just need to wait till my lightning is planned, probably based on needed components & shortage.
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I just wrote this email today to my "new" ford dealer.
first day reserve 2021
December 2021 dealership calls me I will be the 7th on their list with orders.
invite to order received: Wed, Sep 7, 2022, one hour later confirmed XLT SR, tow everything.
One week later I read in a local newspaper dealership is closing.
I start calling Ford HQ, I visit other ford dealers. Dealers say they can't do anything because ford HQ needs to change things. I find out all orders of that dealer will be transferred to a dealer 51 miles from where I live.
I have been contacting both HQ & the new dealership regularly.
I tell both sides that I want to upgrade my XLT SR to a Lariat ER.
Opened case 3960 3691 to expedite transfer to new dealer.
Ford HQ lady calls me every 2 weeks to tell me nothing hasn't changed yet and that she can not do more than she did.

Jan 5 I call again with the "new dealer" and they finally see my order in their system.
Are able to give me a 4 digit order code.
I immediately give them a new config what I want.
Nothing happens.
I call next day and ask if they received my email " haven't received anything, let me check again: Oh there it is"
So she didn't look/notice, it was there all along. She tells me that her boss needs to enter it in the system.
I call again on Friday 13th (11AM) . Nothing has happened. She (internet sales manager) tells me that she needs to check with her boss and will call me back. Of course no call/email rest of the day.

During this weekend I made the decision that I no longer want a Ford F-150 Lighting.
I don't want to be part of the family, even though I will regret that probably once I ever drive in one.
This is the email I wrote today to the internet sales manager:

About EVERYTHING of my order is getting out of hand.
I have taken this weekend to think about it.
I just checked my order status online:

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The dealer still hasn't changed.
The order that I sent you (10 days ago!!!!!!) hasn't been changed.
It looks like the 99 code for order on hold hasn't changed.

There was a price since I reserved in 2021 ($6000-$8500 depending on model)
Because my dealer went out of business, (and I contacted Ford HQ before they even closed their doors about this!!) my order was not to be found or to be changed.
The $7500 tax incentive is gone because my order was in limbo land even though I ordered the original XLT in SEPTEMBER.

This makes the gap between what I anticipated and what is now turning out to be a nightmare.
I called you on Friday, you would get info from your manager and call me back.
Didn't happen. That does not give me any confidence.

So after thinking about it for a while I made a decision:
I am so so so disappointed in my whole experience with "my first Ford" that I would like to cancel for my F-150 lightning.
I don't want to become/be part of the ford experience/family any more.

Please acknowledge you have received this email and that my order has been cancelled.
Please refund me the money to the originating credit cards.

Thank you very much

Old Dealer == Ford of Ventura CA
New dealer == Price Ford of Simi Valley CA

I am curious what kind of a response (if even) I will get back from them.
I will try and get my entry deleted from the reservation list.
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