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Ford no longer allows dealership change!

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Apparently Ford is no longer allowing you to change dealers once you’ve received the invitation to build. Their web site still shows the change dealership phone number as 1-800-334-4375. But that’s a generic number. The direct number to change dealers is 1-800-392-3673.

According to the rep I spoke with, if you haven’t received the build notice you can change dealers. It once you get the notice, even if you haven’t ordered the build, the computer at Ford locks out dealer changes.

I didn’t complete the build or encumber myself in anyway prior to this mornings call to Ford.

So the customer will be held hostage for whatever ADM the dealer wants to charge. I’ll filed a complaint with Ford, and recommend everyone else do the same. I believe this is the straw that broke the camels back and you won’t see another new Ford in my driveway.
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I called Ford again today. It looks like the build and order website slightly changed, but it clearly states to call to change dealers. I got a rep that said the same thing as the previous rep, that his computer would not allow a dealership once a customer received the invitation to build from Ford. He said that the invitation was the same as an order on Ford’s computer system. I told him the website doesn’t say that.

But today I pushed the issue. I was looking at the website while talking to him and I wasn’t going to accept their crappy computer program to allow my local dealer to extort $7k from me. This rep decided to work with me, and go around the normal process to submit the dealer change, which will now have to be passed up his chain of managers to be approved. He was fairly sure it would change the dealers, but no promises.

Ill let the forum know the outcome. Although it does make me wonder about a company selling a computer operated truck that can’t keep their ordering software straight.
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Still waiting for for to change dealerships. Website still shows original dealer.
Wow sorry to hear that. It’s been a week since my first and second call to Ford. Nothing has changed on the order website on my dealership change request. My thoughts on you situation would be the call a dealer you’d like it to be sent to first, confirm no ADM, and put them on notice they are your dealer of choice. Then I’d have the dealer call Ford as well as yourself and hammer them to no end. I would not quit the calling until you get a confirmation from Ford directly, as well as the new dealer and Ford’s website that your truck is headed to them.

In my case, if they don’t change the dealership, I’ll cancel my order.
Have you checked the “naughty and nice list” on this forum? Very helpful list to choose dealers
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That’s excellent news. It would appear I’m still stuck with my original listed dealer and Ford hasn’t moved my reservation to a new dealership. I’m going to cancel my reservation. Oddly the 4-5 dealers I’ve spoke with have told me moving the reservation to a new dealership does alter their allocations, but only that they have to give up a F-150. Although not a Lightening specific model, just any F-150. I hope your transaction goes smoothly.
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