Ford could be bringing a special electric van to Goodwood.
Goodwood Festival of Speed is coming up in just a few weeks, and apparently Ford Europe is bringing something special to the event. It announced the mystery vehicle with the teaser video below, and we think it's going to be a crazy electric van. A possible successor to Ford's Supervans.

The tweet and video are both clear and cryptic. It's clear the vehicle will be electric, what with the "electrifying" phrasing. And obviously it will make its debut on June 23 at the Festival of Speed. We imagine it will also make a run up the hill climb course. But the video itself only shows the vaguest of views of the vehicle.

That's where other hints come in. The video is from Ford Europe and prominently features Ford Pro branding. Ford Pro is Ford's new name for its commercial divisions, and vans are the core of Ford's commercial vehicles in Europe. And looking closely at the blurry background, the vehicle is quite tall with an upright rear and a blunt front; all what you would expect from a van.

For that matter, the silhouette also looks quite wide. And Ford, with its wild Mustang Mach-E 1400, has proven it can make some insane one-off EVs. So we think this will be an electric successor to the brand's run of Supervans. The Supervans were highly customized Ford Transits. The last one, Supervan 3, was built in the 1990s and featured a Ford-Cosworth V8 built for Formula One.

We'll be curious what kind of Transit this van is designed to look like. Ford has already introduced an electric full-size Transit worldwide, but the most recent electric Transit for Europe is the slightly smaller E-Transit Custom. We're looking forward to finding out in just a few weeks.