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Ford making website changes to Pro, errors or new normal?

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I just tried building a 2023 Pro and when I added tow tech package it’s removing more features than before (Smart hitch and bed scales). I ordered in wave 1 and recently added tow tech package to my order.. Website now says you must unselect co pilot pro 360 and reverse sensing system. Isn’t reverse sensing system part of co pilot?? Who would lose all those safety features to get a tow tech package? Lots of conflicting issues on website now. Hopefully they are just working on it.
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I had a similar situation.

My dealer has been great. They are charging MSRP, have answered all my questions and have been super responsive. Quite a pleasant experience with them. If anyone is looking to change their dealer, Arundel Ford in Maine is the place to go!

Ford on the other hand has moved the goal posts at the last second. I have been building out my ford as I show in the screenshot here for quite a while. It seemed to be an excellent value when adding the Blue Cruise to the tow package as apposed to selecting blue cruise individually. My goal was to stay under the 80K mark in order to stay eligible for the tax Credit. So my build was the standard Lariat, with AT tires, Bed liner, and the tow packages, and the "Co-Pilot 360 w/ Tow Tech". The single biggest driver to upgrade to the Lariat over the XLT was the option to get blue cruise.

So I placed my order, which I have attached that form also, and paid my deposit. Then when confirming the order with the Dealer, we absolutely could not arrive at the same price... Ford either had a glitch or changed the pricing on the Blue Cruise. So now there is no way to get the truck under the 80k Mark and have blue cruise and the towing packages.

Maybe I am being greedy, but this is how the website has been for months... how I ordered the truck... and the build I paid my order (not reservation) Deposit on... only to have Ford change the price when the dealer was confirming the build.

I have always have had a ford truck... but fool me twice.


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