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Ford making website changes to Pro, errors or new normal?

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I just tried building a 2023 Pro and when I added tow tech package it’s removing more features than before (Smart hitch and bed scales). I ordered in wave 1 and recently added tow tech package to my order.. Website now says you must unselect co pilot pro 360 and reverse sensing system. Isn’t reverse sensing system part of co pilot?? Who would lose all those safety features to get a tow tech package? Lots of conflicting issues on website now. Hopefully they are just working on it.
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I think you might be misunderstanding that popup message. Granted, it is confusing in the build & price site. When you add a package that includes certain sub-features, but you have those sub-features already selected, then it lets you know that it will de-select those sub-features. It does that so you don't pay for the same feature twice. The other thing going on here is that adding Tow Technology is removing the removal of the scales and smart hitch, since it needs that.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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