As we get closer and closer towards the order banks opening and eventually deliveries, I figured we should get a thread going about all the different tax credits and rebates that are available to us for the Lightning.

Right now the federal tax credit for EVs is $7,500 and can be as high as $12,500 if the vehicle is made with union labor.

Here's a breakdown of the EV tax credit reform proposals that's taking place in D.C.

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Under existing federal rules, which would happen if no reform happens, Ford would be eligible for a $7,500 tax credit (for those who would owe that much in taxes in 2023) or as low as $3,750 if Ford passes more than 200,000 EVs sold by the time people start getting their Lightnings. But that could change depending on what kind of reform takes place.

As far as state credits go every one is different but here's a great link for how each state differs from each other.

What kind of state rebates is everyone looking to take advantage of with their Lightning?