Here's a bunch of information on the Ford Charge Station Pros a friend of mine sent me from his dealership.


Lightning Charge Station Pro Distribution

  • F-150 Lightning Standard Range (99L) Available to Purchase
    • Customers may purchase hardwired EV charging stations via
      • 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro MSRP $1,310 (Available Summer 2022)
      • 48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station $799 (available immediately)
  • F-150 Lightning Extended Range (99V) Ford Charge Station Pro Delivery Options:
    • Ford Charge Station Pro is included with the purchase F-150 Lightning Extended Range Battery (99V).
    • If customers would like to receive the Ford Charge Station Pro prior to final vehicle purchase(to allow install prior to delivery of their vehicle), they must:
      • Contract with Sunrun to install the Ford Charge Station Pro
      • Agree to terms (via Sunrun) to receive the Ford Charge Station Pro prior to final purchase of their F-150 Lightning Extended Range

If a customer who receives a Charge Station Pro prior to delivery and does not purchase vehicle, they will have to provide proof of relationship, return the unit, or purchase outright from Ford for $1,310.

  • If customer would like to receive their Ford Charge Station Pro after purchaseof their F-150 Lightning Extended Range Model:
    • Memo Program #14094 ($0) will be automatically claimed in SmartVincent for ALL F150 Lightning Extended Range models, which will enable Ford to share customer data with Sunrun
    • Customer Acknowledgement Form will be required to authorize Sunrun to verify shipping address
    • If customer has not already engaged Sunrun to provide installation, Sunrun will contact customer to verify shipping address for FCSP & discuss optional installation services approximately 1 day post-sale receipt (reported sold by Dealer)
    • If Sunrun is unable to connect within 5 business days post Sale Receipt, Sunrun will ship the Ford Charge Station Pro to vehicle sold-to address as reported by the Dealer.
    • Customers may contact Sunrun at 855-341-0237 to confirm and/or update shipping address if different than sold-to address.