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Ford Is Letting Dealers Decide if F-150 Lightning Owners Can Resell Their Trucks

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Ford is going to be leaving it up to dealers to decide whether or not they let owners resell their Lightnings.

Trucks are already showing up for resale, often with low miles. There’s one that’s currently on Cars & Bids, and a few more have shown up on Facebook “wholesale” groups. Dealers had to have foreseen this (or are already seeing it) and don’t like it. So they contacted Ford for more control.

A Ford rep confirmed to Carscoops that the company will let dealers decide on how to approach the resell situation: “Dealers requested language from us last year about having the ability to have customers hold on to their vehicle for one year from purchase. It is up to dealers to work through local state laws should they decide to implement something between the dealer and the customer.”

What this all means is that dealers are greedy. Most people cry “capitalism!” as if that makes things OK, but it’s all just sugar-coated greed. Dealers want to be the ones to get all the profit from you before anyone else. This also shows that not all dealers are implementing this policy. This all could get pretty messy with potential owners, though, as one F-150 Lightning owner/reservation holder put it: “To be clear I do not have plans to sell but after spending 80,000 dollars on a truck to be threatened with legal action if I decide to sell is BS.”
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It seems like the $100 contract for a reservation was quite lacking for consumers. Reasonably there should have been basic protections for the buyer.
Like what?
The right to sell purchased property
The right to know your place in line
First right of refusal over non-reservation holders on trucks dealerships sell.
Cap price at MSRP (I know dealership right to price)
Lock in of 1st year MSRP for reservation holder
The right, when your time comes to order to order a $40 000 truck as advertised. Not an xlt or lariat
The right to check the status of your place in line
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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