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Ford Invitation to San Antonio Ford's Electric Revolution

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Hello All,

I am excited to have been included in a special invitation from Ford to join some other Ford Lightning enthusiasts as part of “The Electric Revolution” in downtown San Antonio, TX at the end of the week. In addition to meeting Ford representatives and leadership for a meet-and-greet, I will be provided an inside look at how Ford is approaching electrification and helping build the future of zero-emissions transportation. This will be followed by a guided discussion from the Ford team on how we can navigate the critical sustainability issues we all face in the transition to electric vehicles.

Afterward, we will join many others at the Lightning USA Tour at The Pearl, and have the lucky opportunity to preview the F150 Lightning with a ride or drive experience.

I am excited to be part of this event. Many of our forum members have done an outstanding job of sharing their experiences last week at the launch event. I hope to follow-up with informative updates including sharing Ford’s thoughts on its future of zero-emissions transportation; learning more about SunRun equipment distribution timelines; understanding Ford’s commitment to Sync 4 updates after the upcoming Android crossover, and recording pedestrian warning sounds (and learning out if they are programmable). Please respond here with any other thoughts or questions.

Thank you, Ford for the opportunity.
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Could happen...I got lucky last week! Unfortunately now I see it sitting in a parking lot at the proving grounds for who knows how long.
I would want to know where it is too, but keep us updated on moves and delivery.
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